International summer school "Practices from the Future"
We invite you to visit Russia and take part in the tech-oriented summer school for teenagers. You must be from 14 to 17 to apply. Our summer school will be held from 12 to 30 of August at the summer camp located in the middle of Ural Mountains.
Practices from the Future — gathering of professional working with advanced technologies and teenagers willing to learn and prototype.
They work together to envision and create a better future based on innovative solutions.

How to get to project school?
We are looking for participantse who are interested in technologies that will help us to create better future.

The school is free of charge and we can cover transportation from Moscow. You will have to cover your costs to Moscow and visa expenses. We will provide invitation and limited visa support.
Fill out the application
Fill out the form. You will need your own and your parent's data. Participation in the school for the selected participants is free. We will also pay for travel from Moscow to the venue of the school.
Attach your portfolio
Tell us if you have done any interesting projects or participated in the activities. What are you tech skills?
Complete creative task
You will receive creative task by mail on June 3. You have to see the proposed materials and make a review — write a text or shoot a video. We promise to consider all applications and send invitations to all who will be selected by July 5th.
What will we work on during this session?
Modern cities became the dominating habitat for people during the industrial age. That happened when a large concentration of labor was required to run factories and there were technological difficulties to spread quality infrastructure outside big cities.

In the new technological era automated plants do not require a high concentration of workers. Modern technologies make it possible to provide a comfortable environment and access to culture anywhere in the world.

We invite you to explore a vision of the future, where people live in small cities, some even form ecovillages or create temporary flash-towns and long-term residencies. During our summer school we will meet people who already live in such places and create some technological prototypes that may be implemented in those settlements.
Possible topics for projects
Allocation of resources, use of drones, local production and agriculture in different types of settlements
A place where people run away from the city to study and relax.
Settlement — community around the University complex and school
A settlement where people choose sustainable living with minimized ecological footprint.
Temporary settlement for the period of the big event
Organizers of the project school
Past projects of Kruzhok movement